Company Profile

Evergee is a world leading supplier of Fuel Maintenance and Polishing systems for critical infrastructures. Having offices in Houston, Montreal, and Istanbul, we cover North and Central America, Europe, Africa, the Gulf, and Asia-Pacific. EVERGEE has been a dependable solution partner for the world’s most recognizable brands, serving industries that cannot afford to shut down unexpectedly, such as data centers, banks, GSM operators, military bases, mines, hospitals, and other critical locations where downtime is extremely costly.

Vision and Mission

EVERGEE has solutions and satisfaction-oriented visions that serve its customers with the most up-to-date technologies. We work continuously to become a global power in the field of Energy Facilities and Engineering always keeps “People” in the centre of its services.

EVERGEE works with the mission of “Human-Centered Engineering” that we call “HUMANEERING”. We continually develop ourselves to be better, and we present the most advanced technologies to our customers and never compromise on efficiency and continuity of mission critical assets.


Base of our business philosophy our organization is a tradition of ethical and honest business behavior.

Our Employees

Our employees are the ones that keep our customers satisfied. For this reason, we strive to continuously attract and retain talented professionals who share our values.


Teamwork, consistency and good old-fashioned hard work; reflects the quality of our results.

Continuous Development

We invest in an environment that supports and encourages continuous learning, development and personal growth.