Premium Fuel Maintenance Polishing Systems

In today’s modern world, minimizing the impact of power outages and emergencies is a top priority for numerous industrial facilities and organizations. To achieve this objective, emergency power systems are indispensable, ensuring business continuity and the uninterrupted operation of critical systems. Among the essential components of these systems, generators stand out, relying on diesel fuel for their operation. However, the proper storage and maintenance of diesel fuel are equally critical considerations.

Diesel fuel, when stored for extended periods, can undergo physical and chemical changes. These changes can lead to generators not performing as expected, resulting in costly breakdowns. Therefore, maintaining generator fuel under optimal conditions holds significant importance.

The most effective solution for storing and maintaining diesel fuel is using permanently installed “fuel polishing” or fuel cleaning systems. EVERGEE’s innovative fuel polishing systems are pivotal in enhancing fuel quality by eliminating contaminants, water, and dissolved particles from the fuel.